Saturday Evening 3 Ballet Series

Cobb Energy Centre

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Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. for three performances at Cobb Energy Centre. This 3 Ballet Series includes full-length ballet La Sylphide in February as well as mixed ballet programs Look / Don't Touch in March and Director's Choice in May.

This package contains the following performances:

La Sylphide   ·   More Info »
La Sylphide

One of the oldest surviving classical masterpieces, La Sylphide tells the story of a young Scotsman who falls under the spell of a fairy-like sylph. He follows her through the mist-shrouded Scottish Highlands, but their romance is doomed and a life together an impossible dream. August Bournonville's magical ballet is a work of ethereal beauty that pulls at the heartstrings and dazzles the senses.

Look / Don't Touch   ·   More Info »
Look / Don't Touch

An imaginitive mix of three works in March will delight and surprise, revealing the playful side of dance. The return of Alexander Ekman's witty Cacti, the Atlanta Ballet premiere of the giddy Sandpaper Ballet by Mark Morris, and a world premiere by Yury Yanowsky will leave you smiling.

Director's Choice   ·   More Info »
Director's Choice

May's program will feature a new work by Liam Scarlett, one of the biggest stars working in ballet today, choreographed especially for Atlanta Ballet. The Company premiere of Sum Stravinsky by Kiyon Gaines and the return of Denouement by American Ballet Theatre's Gemma Bond will complete the program.